A heavy mist blew off the rooftop and added a strange swirl to the already pouring, blowing rain. I watched the darkened sky and counted the seconds between lightning and thunder, and then laughed aloud when the thunder crashed and rolled. I sat on the back porch amidst the blowing fierce winds and rain blowing in every direction for about thirty exhilarating minutes. I wasn’t afraid, I loved it. It was wild and glorious. Quite the adventure. I thought of Peter and James and John. How must they have felt when their fishing boat was tossed about in the storm.

Now, if I was in a real boat, out on the water, my faith, too, would have been truly tested.

Today, I knew Jesus was with me in the storm.

A light spray hit my face. Thrilled, I loved the joy of being in the hands of the living, all powerful God. My God. He was in charge of the storm.

Unfortunately, the after math of a storm is not so joyous. My yard looks like a lake, but not in my house as some of my sweet friends have suffered. Loss of electricity and homes and businesses flooded, yet again. We ask why? And only God knows. Only our unconditional faith in Him is the answer. When you see a storm, see His ultimate power and trust Him. It is only with unrestrained trust that Paul can say: “to live is Christ, to die is gain.”

To die is gain for the Christian because we go to eternal life with Christ. But what does it mean “to live is Christ?” To live, but be injured? Live, but lose my home or worse, a loved one? I wish I could say I have that kind of faith amidst the storms of life, but like most people, I tend to get caught up in worry and fear. I forget that God is in charge of life’s storms, too. I pray the faith given me while I sat on the porch this morning will someday be an automatic reflex so when I am faced with the trials of life, I will respond as I did today—with awestruck joy.

Am I crazy? Maybe.

Oh, but to have that much faith as to be exhilarated and joyful in trials, knowing He is in charge.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to laugh when the thunder of life rolls? When the storm blows in?  

Remember wherever you are you are at the right place when you come to my website and read my blog. Come on. Back and share a slice of life with me.

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