We are the threads of life.
Do you feel a sense of purpose?

Yesterday, my daughter, Cynthia, would be fifty-eight had she not passed away in an auto accident in 1996. (A SINGLE FLOWER) My comfort is knowing she’s in Heaven and I will see her again. Oh, how my Cindy would hate being over fifty—much less near sixty. A free-spirit, young, wild, and carefree all her young life, yet, in many ways, she was an old soul.

I am visiting my granddaughter in Florida this week and writing from her workplace. It is a joy seeing Sammy Jean’s professional side as regional director over area funeral homes. I watch the transformation from granddaughter to professional as before we get out of her car, she kicks off her flip flops and slips into a pair of strappy heels. Cindy would be proud of her success. And of the success of her sister, Marie, a homeschooling mother of six.

Sammy and I watched an old movie the other night: Grace and Glorie. (https://www.google.com/search?q=grace+and+glorie+hallmark+movie&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en-us&client=safari#ip=1) Throughout the story, Grace, an elderly hospice patient, is knitting a sweater. Her hospice volunteer, Gloria, becomes close to the grandmotherly woman and asks her how she can find her purpose in life. Grace responded with a meaningful quote: “Like a knitted sweater, each stitch is connected to another, and If one stitch breaks the sweater comes apart. We may not know our purpose, but maybe it’s just like a stitch in the middle holding the stitch before it to the stitch that comes after it.”

Isn’t that so like life? Aren’t our lives knitted together like stitches? Our purpose may seem small and insignificant at times, but all stitches are important. If just one stitch breaks the sweater can unravel. Every life touches other lives and forms a connection between them, between stitches. Each person serves to hold the sweater together.

Your purpose may be profound, or maybe it is simply like a knitted stitch. Each generation has someone who holds the future generation to the past generation. Keeping alive the connections.

Is That You?

Missing stitches can be repaired, but like grief, the new stitches don’t always match or blend in with either side of the missing stitch. However, over time, and with work, the restored sweater can function again. After my daughter died, I found myself to be that mismatched thread trying to repair the hole left by our missing stitch.

The sweet broken lives of my granddaughters are not without scars, but today, they serve as the missing thread in my life’s sweater.

What are your threads connecting to? You are a necessary connection to those around you.

Remember, where ever you are you are in the right place when you come to my website and read my blog. Come on back and share a slice of life with me.

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