Bright colored trimmings, twinkling lights on a tree.

Pretty paper and ribbons, children shouting with glee.

Stockings hung all in a row, and Santa Suits wherever we go.

Giant inflatables now flat on the lawn,

Christmas came and now Christmas is gone.

We feasted on cake, on cookies and Ham.

Our gift list grew longer than when we began.

Now we reflect, now we relent.

The calories we stored and the money we spent.

Didn’t Silver bells ring and laughter abound?

But what of the elderly, the soldiers, and home-bound?

What of the prisoners, and those without homes?

The orphans and widows? The lonely and cold?

Health Care and Rescue always on call while we shopped lighted streets and laughed through it all.

Funerals continue as people still die.

Anger meets sorrow and loved ones cry.

Corruption plots evil, Police do their best, But Satan is working, (he never rests).

Yet somehow it seems, regardless the plight,

All take pause on Christmas night.

God is aware. He too, never rests.

His love outweighs Satan’s very best.

Believer or not, the hopeless feel hope and the helpless find strength.

God’s love sends Christ, and Christ brings peace.

Some cling to His Love and hold Him dear,

Connecting with Him throughout the New Year.

Others let Him go and their life moves on,

The Pause finding speed when Christmas is gone.

For them life is futile, and suffering is vain.

Until Christmas makes them Pause once again.

How Will You Embrace Life When Christmas is Gone?

Will you cling to God’s love throughout the year? To His hope and strength? His peace?

Will you let Him go and move on without Him?

We are a month into the New Year. What will we do with it?

Remember, wherever you are in life, you are at the right place when you come to my website and read my blog.

Come on back and share a slice of life with me.

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