Have you ever had an out of body experience? Spooky if you’re not with the Holy Father. But was my experience really out-of-body? What do you think?

The air became charged with a strange power.

I remember when as a teenager I prayed with my mom beside her bed on our knees. As we prayed, the air became charged with a strange power and light that extended from a far distance, and we saw like a vision of God, Himself. There wasn’t really a feature we could describe. It was too bright to see clearly. But there was a definite divine power radiating from the source. We looked at one another and held hands, clinging to one another as we watched and waited to see what would happen.

The image grew closer….

I remember we both stared toward the head of her bed, and as the image grew closer, we became giddy in the awesome fear yet profound delight that overcame us. Later, we agreed how our hearts pounded and we entered a trance-like state. The bedroom seemed to disappear, and we were alone with the charged atmosphere and multicolored light. It appeared to move toward us—beautiful and bright. Overwhelmed with feelings, both wonderful and fearsome, my heart swelled, and my breath taken away.

A mixture of awe and fear.

The light withdrew, and Moma and I were left sitting on the floor beside her bed in amazement. Somehow, we knew if the Presence had gotten closer, we neither could have withstood it. Remembering it today, I realize that the mixture of awe and fear were such that no one can endure coming face to face with the physical, holy, and mighty presence of God.  It must be why The Father sent Jesus, who could interact with us, suffer for us, and when He arose, He sent The Holy Spirit in His place to speak to us and for us—to fill us with courage and knowledge of Him. I suppose if we encountered the Trinity all together at one time, we would not survive. The power and light are too much for us. God knows how close we can get to The Three-In-One without exploding.

Who would believe us?

That beautiful prayer time became a bond that my mother and I shared over the next fifty years. I’m sure it influenced my trust and reverent fear of a Holy God. I don’t know why, but we rarely spoke of it with others through the years. We could never really describe the depth of what happened. We weren’t sure anyone could truly understand how amazing it was, or even believe us. But we knew it was real—shared and confirmed by each other. And now as I remember it in such detail, I find myself back there, on my knees, praying with my Moma again. Only she is now with the Holy Presence we encountered. Now, in her spiritual body, she can come closer to God with reverential fear and not be afraid.

Thank you, Jesus for calling up this memory. I can celebrate the experience we shared again, knowing positively Moma is there with You, LORD.

If you have ever experienced a time such as this, please write. We’d love to hear from you.

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