When I was young, lonely, and vulnerable, I flirted with the devil. The least bit of attention I received made me hungry for more, but my marriage vow wasn’t just to Bill, it was a promise I’d made to God, too.

I loathe the idea of being unfaithful.

I told Bill about this new guy at work who I enjoyed laughing and eating lunch with during weekly meetings, how I enjoyed the extra attention he gave me. I “told on” myself to keep me accountable. I love my husband and recognized I was flirting with danger and stepped away from spending time with my colleague.

I believe a marriage vow is more than a lightly made pinky promise.

When we stand before witnesses in a marriage ceremony, we pledge ourselves to our beloved and to God. God is not just a witness; He is a third party to the union. Like a two-stranded rope is stronger than a single strand, when the temptation comes against your marriage, if you and your spouse stand together, you can resist the enemy.

But a three-stranded rope is even stronger. (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12).

God is our third strand. He’s always there, always seeing our actions and He always knows our thoughts. (Psalms 139). He protects us from ourselves if we commit to Him as well as to each other. Commitment is more meaningful when you know the other party has your best interest at heart. That requires trust. Our nature is to distrust other people because we know they are fallible, but we can be assured God has our best interest at heart.

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