Is your marriage a Covenant Marriage? When you promised to have and to hold, etcetera, etcetera, did you really mean till death?

Every marriage should be a Covenant Marriage, but only three states in the USA: Arkansas, Arizona and Louisiana actually issue a Covenant Marriage license, making divorce in these states more difficult. Entering a marriage with the option for divorce is not a true commitment. Marriage has become less of a pledge and more of a show; an excuse to have a huge expensive party; to be the Princess with her Prince Charming.

There is a new TV reality series now where you don’t see one another until the wedding. Arranged marriages take place all over the world and have for centuries. In this game, you don’t even know what the person looks like until you are at the altar. My problem with this television game of marriage, is you each enter the ceremony knowing if you don’t want to stay married after a period of time, you can divorce/annul the marriage. This is like prenuptial agreements and I think both are a dishonor to marriage. Don’t make the wedding vows a lie, a broken promise, before the vows are even taken.

Are you saying: “I promise to love and cherish until I change my mind?”

What does it mean to honor? If you want to honor your marriage, you can do so by keeping your commitment to your spouse and to God.

Do you honor God, your marriage, and your spouse by respect, encouragement, compassion and faithfulness? If you didn’t make your vows in a covenant between yourself, your spouse, and God, it is not too late. Renew your wedding vows–this time include God for a covenant relationship.

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