Disappointment is painful and everyone has disappointments these days. No one likes to have their plans changed or dreams put on hold. And life seems at best to be on hold for many who wait. We desperately want things to “just get back to normal” so we can get on with our lives. What is your normal? How has life changed for you? For your family?

I planned to be sailing off to Cozumel on a Family Moon today. A cruise with friends and family to celebrate our Golden Wedding Anniversary. The Captain would officiate the ceremony where Bill and I would renew our vows followed by a wedding-style reception. I’ve been altering the beautiful lace blouse I would wear with a tulle skirt. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement. However, this Corona Virus thing has everyone canceling, rescheduling and bemoaning their plans. We all thought it would be over by now. Sadly, our self-quarantined society will continue to have our calendars invaded by the repeated words: “cancelled”, “rescheduled”, “postponed”, “forget it!”

I have cried, maybe you cry too. But when I found out that many of my hospice patients who were in the nursing homes and hospitals were unable to have their families visit, I became indifferent to my own disappointments. These people are dying and, unless they are imminent, their loved ones are unable to visit. By the time death is imminent, the patient is usually in a semi-coma or coma state—unable to talk, unable to say goodbye. The things they might want to share with family is silenced. They can hear family speak but are too weak to respond or are unconscious. For me, that puts things into perspective. Funerals and memorials have been limited to either ten visitors or simply a graveside service—still only ten can attend and at six feet distance from one another.

The pandemic has us wondering why? Who’s to blame? We don’t understand why disappointments come, but we all face them. For most of us, unemployment, mortgage, rent, and our monthly bills, and even toilet paper are the most concerning. However, the loss of seemingly less important social gatherings sometimes rock us with the greatest of disappointments—things like Graduation ceremonies, the Prom, Vacations, Weddings, (and Vow renewals), and Funerals. We are a social society and we want our friends and family nearby. We want them to be with us when we celebrate whether a birth, a wedding, graduation or a home-going. We want someone to share our moments. To laugh, sing, and dance or cry with us.

Is this Corona virus a doomsday warning as doomsayers claim? Or is it God wanting our attention? Things may be changing for us, but God doesn’t change. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is dependable. He turns disappointments into blessings. We say we want “normal,” but what if this new way of life is our new normal? Let’s look at the positives:  families at home together, parents able to work from home, parents tutoring their children. We have families cooking and eating together that used to eat on the way to one of many extracurricular activities. People are getting reacquainted with one another, and finding creative ways to cope, interact, breakup the boredom. We may not understand, but God works all things out in the end.

The disciples didn’t understand either. When Jesus told them at the Last Supper that He was going to be betrayed, arrested, and die, but would rise again. They didn’t hear about the resurrection. They were too busy looking for relief in the here and now. Surely, He wouldn’t die. They thought when Jesus said He was the Messiah, the Savior, that He would save them from Roman Rule. That he would become King of their world and they would be co-rulers with Him. They didn’t have a clue that He was talking about the future, an eternal kingdom. That His death and resurrection would defeat Satan and usher in eternal life for them, for the world—for us too.

Like the disciples, we are looking at the here and now. We want life to be as we envision. But maybe God has a different and better plan. A plan to bring us closer to Him and to our families. As Pastor Chris Pena says about COVID-19, “Let this Amazing Crises change us for the better. Recommit, reprioritize, refocus on what matters. Either way, God’s purpose will prevail. Don’t miss the point.” Birth pains are miserable. Ask any mother. But the joy of the birth is indescribable.

At last, the disciples saw God’s plan. They understood Jesus’ purpose. Through the Power of the Holy Spirit they changed their mindset. They realized God has a heavenly kingdom. That Jesus was The Christ, sent to be the risen savior for all. They no longer ran in fear of the Romans, but proudly witnessed of His resurrection and a second coming. This Easter, let Him change your mindset too. Are you willing to accept change? Do you trust God to work out what is best for you? For the World?

Remember, wherever you are, you are at the right place when you come to my website and read my blog. Come on back and share a slice of life with me.

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